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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Do you have questions about exams at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences? On this page you will find the most important information, incl. withdrawal from assessment and repeat exams.

Exam clashes

If the exams of two modules take place at the same time, you can cancel one of the modules outside the deadline. To do so, please submit a request for withdrawal in the student portal under "My requests and Invoices". We will also inform you of the decision (approval or rejection) in the student portal. You will receive an e-mail notification when we have processed your request.

If we approve your request, you can register for the repeat exam. In this case, the first exam does not count as a failed attempt. If no repeat exam is offered in the same semester, you will have to book the module again the following semester.

Please note that if your request is approved, your access to the corresponding OLAT course will be deleted. This means that you will no longer have access to the course materials. Therefore, please submit your request as late as possible but before the date of the scheduled exam. This way you will continue to receive all necessary information for your courses and exams.

To avoid collisions, please look into OLAT or inquire with the departments about the exam dates if they are not listed in the course catalogue when booking your modules.

Extension of deadlines

For assessments that extend over a longer period of time (e.g. papers), you can request an extension of the deadline due to illness or accident. To do so, submit a request directly to the responsible office at your department no later than the applicable submission deadline. The length of the extension depends on the date of issue of the transcript of records: It must still be possible to include the grade of the assessment in the transcript of records.

You cannot extend an already extended deadline again. Any such request will be treated the same way as a request for withdrawal from assessment.

Repeat exams

The arrangements for repeating exams may vary from module to module. You will find the information on the possibilities for repeating a module in the course catalogue under «Requirements». Compulsory and core elective modules either offer a repeat exam in the same semester or can be re-booked in a subsequent semester. Elective modules cannot be repeated.

By booking the module you are registered for the exam, but not for the repeat exam. You can book the repeat exam provided you have failed the first exam or if we have approved your request to withdraw from assessment. If a repeat exam takes place in the same semester, you must register for it independently. Register by the deadline via the app "My modules" in the student portal. You can find the deadline in the course catalogue. 

Registration for the repeat exam is binding. If you stay away from a booked repeat exam without excuse, this will be deemed to be a failed attempt. If this is your second failed attempt, you have definitely failed the module. You will be barred from all study programs in which the definitely failed module is a compulsory module. 

Withdrawal from assessment

If due to illness or accident you are unable to complete an assessment, you must immediately notify the responsible office at the department or, the proctor if you need to cancel the exam.

In addition, you must submit a request for withdrawal no later than five working days after the date of the assessment. You can do this in the student portal under «My requests and invoices». «My requests» opens after the end of the cancellation period for booking or request modules. The request is only valid with supporting documents (e.g. doctor's certificate). We will also inform you of the decision (approval or rejection) in the student portal. You will receive an e-mail notification when we have processed your request.

Please note that:

  • we will only cancel a module with an approved withdrawal request;
  • the cancellation covers all the coursework completed in the scope of this module; 
  • you may be required to actively register for a repeat exam in the same semester. 

The subsequent assertion of reasons for absence, that relate to an assessment that has already been taken, is generally excluded. 

Responsible offices

Student Services is the place to go for general questions about studying.

Your academic advisors can answer questions about the content of the exams.