Procedure for Setting up a Cotutelle de Thèse

1. Application to the Graduate School

If you are a doctoral candidate interested in establishing a cotutelle de thèse with UZH, please submit the filled in Data_Sheet_Motivation_Letter (DOCX, 55 KB) to the Graduate School ( 

With this information the Graduate School determines if the requirements for a cotutelle are met.

2. Approval of the Vice Dean of Graduate School

For each cotutelle, the supervising professor at UZH must apply for approval from the Vice Dean of Graduate School. Please use the following: Application Form (DOCX, 34 KB).
Applications must be submitted to .

3. Cotutelle Agreement

Upon receiving the Vice Dean's approval, a cotutelle agreement between the two universities can be concluded.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The doctoral candidate completes the form Cotutelle Details Agreement  (DOCX, 50 KB)and sends it to This information is needed for setting up the agreement.
  2. The Graduate School works out the cotutelle agreement with the partner university in consultation with the doctoral candidate and the thesis supervisors. 
  3. As soon as the doctoral candidate has received confirmation for admission at UZH and the partner university, the doctoral candidate and the representatives of both universities sign the cotutelle agreement.

4. Matriculation

Doctoral candidates are enrolled at both universities for the entire duration of the doctorate, with fees only being paid at one university. If there is no enrollment requirement at the partner university, the doctoral candidate is required to pay fees at UZH.  Doctoral candidates are responsible for admission and enrollment at UZH and the partner university. For cotutelle doctoral candidates the regular registration deadlines apply for admission to doctoral studies at UZH. application procedure for doctoral candidates

The cotutelle agreement will only be signed once the doctoral student has received confirmation of admission.

All doctoral candidates are required to pay the enrollment fee at UZH and the semester fee for the first semester.