Funds for short research travels and lodging

Funding is available for traveling and lodging within the framework of short research visits to universities or other research institutes, for archive or library research, excavations, field studies, etc. and for participation in summer or winter schools.
Support is provided for stays that are of central importance to the dissertation project and last less than two weeks.

Longer stays are subsidized by the Graduate Campus, travel to conferences and congresses by the faculty (new: accommodation costs included).

Funding for the following expenses can be granted:

  • Travel expenses (train travel in Switzerland with a half-fare card, low-cost flights usually at the economy saver rate); taxi travel is excluded;
  • Accommodation costs: Bed and breakfast in hotels in the medium price range;
  • at summer or winter schools: Participation fees without optional additional services such as social activities;
  • user fees for museums, archives and libraries

The funds for these grants are provided by the graduate school in addition to the travel and conference grants of the faculty. It is possible to submit applications for both types of funding. It is possible to bundle projects within one trip (e.g. the combination of a congress trip and subsequent archive research at the congress location: the congress trip is applied for as a travel and congress cost subsidy from the faculty. The subsequent archive research can be applied for as a short research trip at the Graduate School).