Completing Bachelor's studies

Contact for Questions Related to Completing Bachelor's Studies

If you have already registered in order to graduate your Bachelor's studies and have questions concerning this, please e-mail

Requirements for Completing Bachelor's Studies

When you enroll for the semester please make sure that your program goal (major and minor study programs) is entered correctly. The legal basis for this are the Admission Regulations.

  • Check to make sure you have earned all the ECTS credits required for each study program at the appropriate level (Bachelor's) and that you can meet the deadline for submitting grades (1 August for the Spring Semester and 20 January for the Fall Semester). Exams and repeat exams must be taken in the course of the semester you are graduating in (i.e. by 31 January in the Fall Semester and by 31 July in the Spring Semester); otherwise you cannot graduate. You'll find information on transferring ECTS credits to your degree in the General Section of the Program Regulation.
  • If you are doing a second course of study, please get approval for transfer of credit for the minor study program from Student Services and enroll correctly for a credited minor study program. Please contact Student Services (Student Administration Office) if you have questions on enrollment.

Registering for Graduation for your Bachelor's Degree

Registration deadlines

Please register for your Bachelor's graduation in the summary of credits during the following periods:

  • Spring Semester: 15 to 30 March
  • Fall Semester: 15 to 30 October

The deadlines are legally binding and must be adhered to. No exceptions will be granted.

How to Register

  1. In the summary of credits click the button to register for graduation. This way you will be automatically registered for your major and minor study programs. You may need an additional registration form for a faculty-external minor study program (see below).
  2. Immediately after correct online registration you will receive an automatically generated confirmation by e-mail that your registration has been noted in the system. You will not receive further confirmation.
  3. If you have problems registering for graduation, please notify the Office of Student Affairs immediately, and within five working days at the latest, by e-mailing e-mail has to contain a screenshot of the error message and show where and when you logged in. We will not take account of queries and inquiries received later than this.
  4. Since Spring Semester 2016 any language courses you complete at the Language Center, and since Fall Semester 2016 proof of the Latin and Greek requirement, have been automatically recognized.
  5. You cannot graduate if you do not earn the ECTS credits required for the study program or do not meet the curricular requirements. 
  6. For legal reasons the Office of Student Affairs cannot issue provisional confirmations of degrees.
  7. All correspondence will run via your personal UZH e-mail address ( Please make sure that your UZH e-mail account is running properly.
  8. Make sure that you are matriculated under your correct name and postal address. You can change your personal data any time via the online services up to but not later than the last day of your semester of graduation. Names on your final records can't be changed after the dispatch.

Faculty-External Minor Study Programs

Please note the additional terms for registration for graduation for your faculty-external minor study program:

  • Minor study program at the Faculty of Science: Once the registration deadline has elapsed you will receive by e-mail a registration form for your minor study program; you must complete this form, sign it, and return it to the address specified in the e-mail.
  • Minor study program at the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Informatics: No additional registration is required for the minor study program. For information please visit the website of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics.
  • Minor study program at the Faculty of Law: Once the registration deadline has elapsed you will receive by e-mail a registration form for your minor study program; you must complete this form, sign it, and return it to the address specified in the e-mail. For information please visit the website of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Law.
  • Minor study program at the Faculty of Theology: No additional registration is required for the minor study program.

Important Information on Completing your Bachelor's Studies

Compulsory Matriculation

The matriculation requirement also applies in your semester of graduation. In other words you must be enrolled for the major and minor study programs in which you want to graduate.

Latin and Greek Requirement

If you want to complete a major or minor study program with a Latin or Greek requirement and have acquired the necessary language skills in the course of your studies, please check to make sure your summary of credits includes a Latin or Greek module. If not, send the original and a copy of the certificate showing you have acquired the language skills to Student Services immediately. Latin or Greek certificates acquired at the UZH Language Center during or after Fall Semester 2016 have been recorded automatically towards the end of the semester and do not have to be sent in.

General Studies

Please note that modules for general studies cannot be credited to more than one study program and must be acquired at the appropriate academic level. It is also not possible to split a module (for example a 2-ECTS-credit module cannot be split and one ECTS credit assigned to each of two study programs). Courses offered by the Center for University Teaching and Learning are not accepted. If there are any language courses offered by the Language Center that you completed by Fall Semester 2015 for general studies which are not yet recorded in the system, please send the original and a copy to Student Services before you register for graduation for your Bachelor's. Since Spring Semester 2016 any coursework you complete at the Language Center has been automatically recognized.

University-External Minor Subject/Minor Subject Mobility

If you do a major study program at UZH and minor study programs of up to 60 ECTS credits at another university (outgoing mobility), the other university must confirm completion for the credit to be transferred to the UZH degree with an overall grade (and if applicable an academic record or transcript of record). Additional information is available under Mobility.

Deregistering (Withdrawal of Registration)

If, once you have registered for graduation for your Bachelor's degree, it emerges that you will not be able to complete one or more academic achievements for your degree within the specified period, please deregister in writing immediately to the Office of Student Affairs (withdrawal of registration; signed scan e-mailed from your UZH e-mail address). You must register again for the next graduation date within the regular registration period. You cannot cancel withdrawal of registration.

Dispatch of Final Records

The Office of Student Affairs will send the final records in calendar week 12 or 13 for graduation in the Fall Semester and in calendar week 38 or 39 for graduation in the Spring Semester; they will be sent by registered mail to the address recorded in the system (as of 31 July or 31 January as applicable). Please make any changes of address in good time (by 31 January in Fall and 31 July in Spring Semester) via online services.

Please also note the following:

  1. In calendar week 12 or 38 (as applicable) the Office of Student Affairs will send an e-mail to your UZH e-mail address ( informing you that your final records are being sent by mail. Confirmation of graduation for your Bachelor's degree is not possible ahead of time.
  2. Final records returned by the post office must be picked up from Student Services during counter opening hours starting two weeks after the dispatch by you in person, or by a person with official ID power of attorney bearing your original signature. In each case the person picking up the final records must produce official ID (ID card or passport). Returned final records cannot be forwarded under any circumstances.

For questions related to final records, please write to

Transferring to the Master's Program

If you are currently studying in a Bachelor's degree program at UZH and plan to transfer to the Master's program, please apply to change degree program in the course of the next semester enrollment during the specified periods.
If you have a Bachelor's degree from another higher education institution or have interrupted your studies (withdrawn from the University) since your Bachelor's degree at UZH, please apply to matriculate by way of online application. You will find more information on transferring to the Master's program on the website of the Admissions Office.

Pre-Master's modules

You will find information on booking pre-Master's modules on our website: Pre-Master's modules.

Registering for Graduation with Additional Major or Minor Subject Mobility

If you are doing an additional major or are enrolled at another Swiss university and are doing only one minor study program at UZH (incoming mobility), please complete the form below and have it checked and signed by student advisory services at the institute or department in question. You must submit the form no later than 31 January (for graduation in Fall Semester) or 10 August (for graduation in Spring Semester) to the Office of Student Affairs.

Registering for graduation with additional major/minor subject mobility (PDF, 127 KB)