Converting Grades

If you have done part of your studies and successfully completed coursework at a host university, you can have this coursework recognized for your degree. If the coursework was graded, this grade will be transferred to your transcript of records at UZH. If the coursework was not graded, it will be recorded as a pass. If your host university uses a different grading scale than the University of Zurich, the grade must be converted. This is done using a modified Bavarian formula, with the result rounded to the nearest half grade.

For your own information you can use the grade converter below to calculate your grades for external coursework in terms of the Swiss grading system. The actual conversion is done by Student Services in the course of the recognition process. We do this on the basis of the information from your transcript of records.

Using the Grade Calculator

To convert your grade, you enter the lowest grade that is deemed to be a pass (the threshold grade). In the “Maximum grade” field you enter the best possible grade. In the “Your external grade” field you enter the grade you were awarded by the host university. The rounded result of the conversion will be displayed in the “Your UZH grade” field.

Other Scales

Many universities outside Switzerland use multiple scales at the same time to grade coursework, for example “A”–”D” and additional terms, or numerical values (see table) broken down into ranges on a non-linear basis. These must be converted into a whole number before you enter them in the grade calculator.

You must first assign a figure to the grades expressed in words, with the lowest passing grade assigned 1 and each additional grade above this assigned a whole number in ascending order. This procedure can also be used for grades expressed as numerical ranges.

Term Numerical value Corresponding input in grade calculator

très insuffisant  

0-9 Not recognized


10-11  1

assez bien 

12-13 2




très bien  16-20


Given that converting grades from individual scales can yield different results, the higher result in each case is recognized. There are other special points to bear in mind when converting grade scales from around the world. Please contact Student Services ( if you have specific questions in this regard.

Please note that the grade conversion is only legally valid once the external coursework has been notified by way of your transcript of records.

Threshold grade Maximum grade
Your external grade Your UZH grade 0