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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Certifications and Translations

Transcript of Records

UZH issues transcripts of records in electronic form. They are available free of charge as PDF on the student portal in a German and in an English version. The transcript of records will therefore no longer be delivered by mail. You will receive an e-mail notification when your transcript of records is available for download:

  • Fall Semester: in calendar week 8
  • Spring Semester: in calendar week 38

Certified Transcript of Records

If you require a certified transcript of records on white or on security paper, you can order it directly through the order button on the student portal. Printing and certifications are carried out exclusively by the Student Administration Office for a fee.

If you require the English version, check whether all necessary module titles are in English before you press the order button. For incompletely translated transcript of records, contact Student Services. They will arrange the translation with the institutes/departments. Please note that processing can take up to 10 working days.

Provisional Transcript

If you need a current summary of credits before calendar week 8 or 38, you can order a provisional German or English transcript. For Fall Semester the provisional transcript is available from 1 January and for Spring Semester from 1 July. The Office of Student Affairs of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences issues these provisional transcripts. 

For the English version, please refer to the note above in the „Certified Transcript of Records“ section.

Final Records

If you need a certified copy of your final records, please contact Student Services:

  • Diploma, Academic Record
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Confirmation of Doctoral Degree

To request the certification of final records of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs you can come to Student Services in person or send an e-mail. It is possible to have the documents picked up by a representative provided this person has power of attorney and can identify himself or herself.

For Bachelor's and Master’s degrees from Fall Semester 2019 onwards, the final records will be issued in German and English. However, it is possible that some module titles on the Academic Record have not yet been translated into English. If you require a translation of the missing module titles, please contact Student Services. Please note that processing can take up to 10 working days.

If you require an English translation of the Academic Record prior to Fall Semester 2019, this must be produced and certified by an expert with proven qualifications. You can compile an English version using the translation templates provided below in which you can include either the German module titles or (if available) the English module titles from the transcript of records. This will reduce the effort and thus the costs for the translation service. Please note that the document may not contain any omissions or additions. To certify the translation please submit a qualification confirmation from the translator together with the translated document to the Student Services. The certified document will be returned to you by e-mail or post.