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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Studies with Compensatory Measures

If you have a disability or chronic illness, you can apply for your study arrangements to be adapted individually. If you want to apply for compensatory measures, please contact the UZH Disability Office. You have to resubmit your claim for compensatory measures for each semester. You’ll find more information in the legal regulations of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (§ 9 of the framework ordinance and § 9 of the program regulations).

Responsibilities and Procedures

The UZH Disability Office is the first point of contact for students with disabilities or chronic conditions. The office will check whether your disability or condition impacts activities relevant to your studies, and drawing on medical reports, discussions, and additional information will make a proposal for individual measures to minimize the degree to which you are disadvantaged. On this basis the Disability Office will issue you with a special form (the «ENTA» form, previously «UBIS»), providing an overview of the individual adaptations you require, and a Disability Office consultation protocol. Please contact the Disability Office on matriculation or semester enrollment to have a ENTA form issued. You’ll find contact details and information on the additional services provided by the Disability Office on its website.

Once you receive your ENTA form you should submit your application for compensatory measures to Student Services at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as soon as possible. In your application, please specify the modules for which you’re applying for compensatory measures. Be sure to enclose the ENTA form together with the consultation protocol and a doctor’s note (issued within the last 12 months), as your application won’t be processed without them. Your application will be reviewed and, in consultation with the institutes and departments involved, the vice dean of studies will decide whether compensatory measures can be granted. The compensatory measures approved by the vice dean of studies are binding on the student, the people responsible for modules, and the instructors.

The institutes and departments are responsible for implementation of the compensatory measures. The organization of exams is independent of the adaptations and exam venues.

If you also study at another UZH faculty, measures to compensate for any disability or impairment must be requested from the faculty offering the respective module. Please observe the current faculty-specific regulations regarding deadlines and formalities for submitting applications.

Documents to Be Submitted with the Application to the Faculty

  • Application form, (DOCX, 60 KB) completed in full, as a Word file and as a signed PDF file, sent to Student Services;
  • A current ENTA form (previously UBIS);
  • Disability Office consultation protocol;
  • Doctor’s note, less than 1 year old (when applying for the first time or when there is a change in the state of health);
  • Decision/report for exams during your time at upper secondary school (when applying for the first time).

You will find information on the person responsible for the module in the course catalogue.

In exceptional cases the Disability Office can issue the ENTA form for more than one semester. However, even in this case you must submit a full application to the dean of studies each semester.

Please only submit a completed application form with all required documents within the deadline (see below). We cannot accept incomplete applications.

Binding Deadlines

Please always consult the table with details of the relevant deadlines. These are binding, and you must keep to the relevant deadlines before each semester for which you are applying for compensatory measures. If you fail to keep to the deadlines there is no guarantee that compensatory measures will be implemented.

What Deadline Who
New application and issuing of a UBIS form at the Disability Office As early as possible to enable the faculty deadlines to be met. Please note: It can easily take several weeks for the Disability Office to make the necessary clarifications. Disability Office
Application for compensatory measures during the course (e.g. assistance with writing) By 1 August for the Fall Semester and by 3 January for the Spring Semester.

Apply to

or by mail
Application for compensatory measures for modules with assessments during the semester At least 8 weeks before the assessment takes place

Apply by email to

or by mail
Application for compensatory measures for modules with assessments at the end of the semester

Fall Semester:
by 15 October at the latest

Spring Semester:

by 31 March at the latest

Apply by email to

or by mail

Studies and Military Service

If you want to make an application to postpone your military service, please first complete the official form for postponement of military service for members of the armed forces. You'll find this and the corresponding explanations on the website of the Swiss Armed Forces.

Please note that we can only accept your application if you are enrolled in the semester during which you would have to do the postponed military service. Enrollment requires the payment and processing of the semester fees.

Please send the completed form together with brief written grounds as a scan to 

Studies and Pregnancy

Gender equality and equal opportunities for women and men are important issues for the University of Zurich.

Thus, you have the possibility to apply for compensatory measures during pregnancy. Such measures can include, among other things, the suspending a Master's thesis or bringing forward an examination.

In such cases, please contact your academic advisors, who will discuss suitable measures with you. The Office of Student Affairs will then record the agreed measures in a learning contract according to § 12.1 of the program regulations.

For further information on this topic, please contact the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity.

Studies and Top-Level Sports

The compatibility of studies and elite sports is an important issue for the University of Zurich.

If you are in possession of a Swiss Olympic Card, you have the opportunity to apply for measures, which contribute to the compatibility of top-level sport and studies, such as postponing an exam or the deadline of a seminar paper.

In such cases, please contact your academic advisors, who will discuss suitable measures with you. The Office of Student Affairs will then record the agreed measures in a learning contract according to § 12.1 of the program regulations.

Supporting information can be found on the website of the Student Advisory Services.

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