Before Your Mobility Stay


CH-Unimobil gives you the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at another Swiss higher education institution. You remain matriculated at the University of Zurich and pay tuition only at UZH.

Student Services is in charge of administration for CH-Unimobil, and can provide information on dates, deadlines and registration: CH-Unimobil

Mobility in a Minor Study Program

University of Zurich students can enroll in and complete a minor (§45/46 of the Admission Regulations).


External university minor study programs must:

  • Match the format of minor study programs at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: 60 ECTS credits for the Bachelor's degree program, 30 ECTS credits for the Master's degree program;
  • Correspond to the academic level of the major at UZH (Bachelor's or Master's level);
  • Be taken from the external university's courses of study;
  • Have a legal basis (program regulation or individual plan of study).


Prospective students should choose the desired combination of study programs in their online application, while matriculated students should choose one "external university-level minor program" in their online semester enrollment. In addition, students must also enroll for the desired minor in accordance with the external university's admission requirements.

Once the Student Administration Office has checked the enrollment and receipt of the decision on admission, it will grant provisional admission. For the status to be changed from provisional, the Office of Student Affairs must receive confirmation from an authorized office at the external university showing that:

  • The format of the external minor matches that of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (60 ECTS credits for the Bachelor's degree program, 30 ECTS credits for the Master's degree program);
  • The external minor constitutes a study program with a legal basis (program regulation for the subject or individual plan of study);
  • You are admitted to or enrolled at the external university.

The student is responsible for obtaining confirmation from the external university and approval from the Office of Student Affairs at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. If the external university needs approval of the mobility in a minor study program arrangement (confirmation of transfer of credits) you can ask for this from Student Services.

Graduation and Transfer of Credit

Registration for graduation is done in accordance with the guidelines and deadlines for the relevant academic level:

Completing Bachelor's Studies

Completing Master's Studies

For the minor that you have completed at the external university to be transferred to your degree at UZH, the external university must issue a confirmation of completion with an overall grade showing that the study program requirements have been met.

Once the status has been changed from provisional and confirmation of completion has been obtained from the external university (before graduation), it is possible to complete the program with the external minor.

Completing Individual Modules at ETH Zurich

If you are matriculated at UZH and are doing modules at ETH Zurich, you must be registered at ETH Zurich as a Special Student. First-time registration is done via the myStudies web application. The registration window for the Spring Semester runs from 1 January to the end of the second week of the semester, and for the Fall Semester from 1 August to the end of the second week of the semester. 

Coursework you do at ETH Zurich will be transferred under the credit transfer agreement that you make with Academic Advisory Services. However, this does not apply to learning units offered by both UZH for UZH students and ETH Zurich for ETH Zurich students. To be able to transfer your ETH coursework to the UZH system, please provide your academic advisor with a printout of the summary of credits from myStudies once the results have been published there. The transferred coursework will be listed in your UZH transcript of records the following semester.

You'll find more information on the ETH information site.

Studying Abroad

University of Zurich students have the option of studying abroad under organized programs such as the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP), formerly Erasmus. You will find all the programs and information on independently organized stays on the International Relations Office website.