Modules and Exams

Module Booking Deadlines

Please note the different module booking and cancellation deadlines for the faculties and study programs and, if applicable, the divergent deadlines for pre-Master's modules.

All deadlines are binding (§ 20 of the Framework Ordinance). You can only cancel bookings for two-semester modules by the cancellation deadline for the first semester. If you do not do the assessment you will be deemed to have failed the module.

Bookings, transfers, and cancellations are no longer possible once the deadlines have elapsed.

Booking Modules

In order to complete a module, a timely booking is required (RVO § 20). The booking of the module is at the same time also the booking or registration of the assessment.

You’ll find basic information on booking modules under Booking Modules on the UZH for Students website and under New at UZH? on the Studies website. The Global Student Experience department has also made a helpful video on the subject.

To prepare for booking modules, please also read the legal basis, particularly the relevant program-specific annex to the program regulations, the catalogue of modules, and the model curriculum. If you have questions on choosing modules, you can also contact the Academic Advisor for your program.

Please only book modules that you are willing to complete. If you book more modules than necessary, it may not be possible for other students to book them due to space limitations.

Advanced Bachelor’s students can also book pre-Master’s modules. Please refer to the information site on this matter. 

Two-Semester Modules

Two-semester modules begin each semester or every other semester. There are two variants of two-semester modules:

  1. Two-Semester Modules with Courses in Both Semesters
    You have to book two-semester modules with courses in both the first and the second semesters only in the first semester; the booking for the second semester is done automatically. In your summary of credits and your transcript of records the first semester of the module will be graded “w” (for “wird fortgesetzt” = to be continued). Once you have completed the second semester, another entry will be made with your grade.
  2. Two-Semester Modules without Courses in the Second Semester
    In cases where the second semester only involves writing a paper, you book the module only in the first semester. For the second semester the module remains in “booked” status until it is graded at the end of the second semester.
    Please note that booked modules appear only in your online summary of credits, but not in your transcript of records. They will only appear there once they have been graded.
    Basically you have the option, in consultation with the person responsible for the module, of submitting the paper and having it graded already in the first semester. In this connection please note the deadline for submitting grades for the semester in question.

Repeat Exams

The arrangements for repeating exams may vary from module to module. You will find information on the possibilities for repeating in the course catalogue under «Requirements». If the repeat exam for a specific module is held in the same semester, you will be automatically registered for it if you fail the first exam or your application to withdraw from the assessment is granted (for more details see Exam Clashes below).

As soon as you are registered for the repeat exam you will receive an email from mentioning the option of cancelling your registration: On the student portal under «My Requests», «Withdrawal from re-booked exam (PHF)» you can cancel registration within seven days of receiving the email without giving reasons. If you have not canceled your registration and do not show up for the repeat exam, this will be deemed to be a second failed attempt and you will have definitively failed the module.

Note: You will subsequently be barred from all study programs of which the definitively failed module is a compulsory module (§ 33–34 of the Framework Ordinance).

Withdrawal from Assessment

If a reason for absence (e.g. illness) occurs before the start of the assessment, immediately before or during the assessment, the responsible office must be notified immediately, or, if the assessment is cancelled, the proctor must be notified (RVO § 24). 

If not already provided with the aforementioned notification, you must also submit a justified request for withdrawal with the relevant documentation (e.g. doctor's certificate) to the responsible office no later than five working days after the date of assessment (RVO § 25).

Please check the websites of the institutes and departments for details of the responsible office. If in doubt, address your request to your Academic Advisor. Please note that: 

  • only an approved request for withdrawal will result in the cancellation of the module; 
  • the cancellation covers all the coursework completed in the context of this module; 
  • if applicable, you will be automatically registered for a repeat exam in the same semester; 
  • an approved request for withdrawal of the assessment does not result in deregistration from repeating the assessment in the same semester. 

The subsequent assertion of reasons for absence, that relate to an assessment that has already been taken, is generally excluded. 

Exam Clashes

If the exams for two modules take place at the same time you can submit a request to cancel one of the modules outside the cancellation period. Please contact the Academic Advisors responsible at the institutes and departments, who will review your request. If your request is granted, your registration for one of the two exams will be canceled and you will be registered for the repeat exam in the module in question the same semester. In this case the first exam does not count as a failed attempt. If no repeat exam is on offer, the module will be canceled and you will have to book it again the following semester.

To avoid clashes, find out the dates of the exams already when you’re booking modules.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

Please book Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in the online module booking system during the module booking period. You’ll find precise details of the procedure on the Completion of Studies website. Also take note of any program-specific booking arrangements, for example additional colloquiums. Please address requests for extensions or cancellation to the people responsible at the relevant institutes and departments.

Language Courses at the Language Center

In some study programs, acquiring language skills is a mandatory part of the training in the subject. The UZH and ETH Zurich Language Center offers selected courses for students with mandatory language proficiency requirements. However, the relevant modules cannot be booked using the module booking tool. Please directly contact the language center online for the courses in question. Make sure to select the target group “PhF-Studierende mit Spracherwerbspflicht” (Arts and Social Sciences students with language proficiency requirements). Other courses at the Language Center cannot be used to meet and be credited for the mandatory language requirement. You'll find more information on the Language Center website.


When you book a module you will automatically be given access to the course in question on the OLAT online learning platform. We recommend booking modules early so that you get access to all the relevant information regarding the course in good time.

Registering for a course in the OLAT e-learning platform does not release you from having to book the module in question. Only booked modules will be included in the assessment. If you have any problems, contact your instructor or OLAT Support directly.

Note: Students in their first semester must actively register on OLAT as quickly as possible to receive information from instructors via OLAT. (You can find instructions in the OLAT user manual.)

Withdrawal from the university

You'll find all the relevant information on deregistration on the UZH for Students website.