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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Study Progress Report

To track the study progress in your current enrollment, please use the "Study Progress and Graduation" app in your student portal. This app has replaced the study progress report as of 1 November 2022. 

The study progress report can show the impact of any change in study program on how the coursework you have completed can be credited. Comparing your study progress report with the program-specific annexes of the program regulations will give you an overview of what coursework you still have to complete. To do this, you can order a simulated study progress report for the new combination of study programs you are planning.

The study progress report is designed to be used only to review your progress in the study programs offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It is not designed to plan studies at other faculties or the Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education.

Dispatch and Ordering

Please use the order form if you want to order a study progress report.

Order Form

Please note that the order form does not check whether you are ordering a study progress report containing discontinued study programs or a forbidden combination of programs for which you can no longer make a new enrollment. Admission is not possible with forbidden combinations or discontinued programs. Ordering a study progress report with forbidden combinations or discontinued programs does not entitle you to enroll for this combinations or this discontinued program. You can only change degree or study program on application.


Questions regarding your study progress report, can be directed to your academic advisory services at your department or institute.

If you have questions on dispatch and ordering, please contact Student Services at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

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