Pre-Master's Modules as Part of your Bachelor's Study Program

If your summary of credits shows that you have earned at least 120 ECTS credits in a Bachelor's degree program at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (PhF), in the following semester you may complete pre-Master's modules from the PhF worth a maximum of 30 ECTS credits (overall & including all semesters). Please submit an application to book pre-Master's modules to the Office of Student Affairs within the specified period.

The legal basis for pre-Master's modules is § 38 of the framework ordinance governing study in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs offered by the University of Zurich’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Legal basis.

You are responsible for checking the form and content of the terms and requirements for pre-Master's modules themselves. Therefore, before you make your application, read the following rules for booking pre-Master's carefully. When you submit your application you must confirm that you have read and acknowledged these rules.


Deadline for Spring Semester 2022: 7 until 27 February 2022

  1. When choosing modules, check the module number:
    You can recognize Master's modules by the last digits in the module number, which lie between 500 and 999, as opposed to Bachelor's modules, which are between 000 and 499. Module numbers are written as follows in the course catalogue (example):
    Screenshot Module number in the course catalogue
  2. Check, whether your chosen modules are suitable for early booking:
    Compulsory and core elective modules are marked in the module catalogues with the note "Dieses Modul ist als vorgezogenes Mastermodul geeignet." Modules that are not marked accordingly may not be pre-booked.
    Suitable elective modules are defined by the respective Institute/Department. In case of uncertainty please contact the academic advisor responsible.
  3. Note the application and cancellation deadlines:
    In Spring Semester 2022 you can apply from 7 until 27 February 2022. Students who wish to cancel bookings for pre-Master's modules must do so themselves during the normal cancellation period.
  4. Hand in your application:
    You may not apply to book pre-Master's modules more than once in any given semester. We recommend including a second priority for each module for the event that your preferred Master's modules are already fully booked. If the first and second priority are fully booked, no booking will be made.
    Once entered, the Master's modules specified in the application may not be changed. Applications containing ambiguous or incomplete information on the Master's modules will not be considered.
  5. Pay attention to the confirmation:
    Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Once your application has been processed you will receive a confirmation. Please do not book Master's modules yourself via the booking system. They will be cancelled by the Office of Student Affairs without consulting the student.
    In addition, at the end of the booking period Institutes/Departments may have modules canceled that are not suitable. You cannot substitute these cancelled modules with other pre-Master's modules.

Vertically Crosslisted Modules

Vertically cross-listed modules are modules that can be credited to both a Bachelor's and a Master's study program. You must book these modules independently via the regular module booking and therefore they do not count towards the maximum of 30 ECTS credits of pre-Master’s modules.
You can check whether a module is vertically cross-listed in the course catalog: If Bachelor's as well as Master's programs are listed for the module under the "Component" tab, it is a vertically cross-listed module. Vertically cross-listed modules will not be considered when booking pre-Master's modules.
These modules are automatically allocated upon completion of the bachelor's degree. They can only be used for the Master if they are superfluous in the Bachelor (see § 47 RVO).

Incoming Mobility Students

The booking of pre-Master's modules for mobility students is carried out by the responsible mobility delegate of the respective Institute/Department. Please contact these, to check which modules can be pre-booked.

Rules for Booking Pre-Master's Modules

  1. The booking of pre-Master's modules is an arrangement designed to accommodate students by overriding the principle that they must always hold a Bachelor's degree before doing Master's modules. This is why cases of hardship will not be considered.
  2. The arrangement allowing pre-Master's modules applies only to Master's modules offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Modules that are part of the degree program «Teaching Diploma for Upper Secondary Education» («Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen») cannot be pre-booked.
  3. Pre-Master's modules can only be credited to a Master's degree program. Whether a pre-Master's module can be credited depends on the Master's degree program or Master's study program actually earned.