Application and Admission to Studies

General Information and Admission Requirements

Please contact Student Services if you have general questions about applying, admission or matriculation. They can provide information on the following topics in particular:

  • Compulsory matriculation
  • Application deadlines and procedure
  • Language requirements
  • Fees and contributions
  • Forms and regulations (legal basis)
  • Entering the country and residence
  • Assistance for people with an impairment or chronic illness

Admission to a Bachelor’s Program

For information on the application procedure and admission to a Bachelor’s program, please contact the Student Administration Office (for a Swiss educational background) or the Admissions Office (for a foreign educational background).

Admission to a Master’s Program

Admission to a Master’s degree program at the UZH is subject to the terms of the Ordinance on Admission to Studies at the University of Zurich.This sets out the formal admission requirements, the examination of which is the responsibility of the Admissions Office.

If you want to study at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences there are specific additional requirements to be met. For more information, please consult the framework ordinance governing study in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs offered by the University of Zurich’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (PDF, 142 KB), 28 September 2018 version.

A Master’s program at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is worth 120 ECTS credits. You can earn these credits in a major (90 ECTS credits) plus a minor (30 ECTS credits) study program or choose a single-major study program (120 ECTS credits).

Master’s study programs are divided into consecutive, specialized and complementary study programs:

  • consecutive Master’s study program follows on from one or more Bachelor’s study programs. For admission to a consecutive study program you must meet a set of academic requirements, which is listed in the annex to the relevant program regulation. The knowledge and skills you acquired at Bachelor’s level are checked on an individual basis. Any knowledge and skills you lack and have to catch up on in the course of your Master’s studies will be specified as restrictions. 
  • A specialized Master’s study program does not follow on from a specific Bachelor’s study program. For this reason admission is subject to additional conditions over and above the academic requirements. These are listed in the respective annex to the relevant program regulation.
  • A complementary minor study program is intended to supplement the major study programs with additional discipline-specific or cross-disciplinary content. It is neither consecutive nor specialized, and is not subject to any specific requirements. The admission is granted without restrictions.

Academic requirements

For admission to a major or minor study program you must meet the academic requirements. The academic requirements consist of the knowledge and skills you are expected to have acquired in the course of your Bachelor’s degree to qualify for admission to a consecutive Master’s program. These requirements may come to a maximum of 60 ECTS credits for major and minor study programs, and a maximum of 120 ECTS credits for single-major programs. Admission to certain single-major study programs requires you to have completed a specific Bachelor’s study program. You will find details of requirements in the annex to the relevant program regulation.


If you do not meet all the requirements, your admission to a Master’s study program will be made subject to certain restrictions. To fulfill these restrictions you will have to catch up on certain Bachelor’s-level coursework during your Master’s studies. These restrictions may only comprise 60 ECTS credits in total. If they do exceed 60 ECTS credits, you will not be admitted and your application will be rejected. 


More questions on admissions to a Master’s program? Please contact Student Services.

Degrees from Universities of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education

Admission to a Master’s with a Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences or teacher education is subject to the 5 November 2007 Agreement of the CRUS with the KFH and the COHEP regarding the freedom to choose a higher education institution. The appendix to this agreement contains an exhaustive list of possible transfers.

Admission to Doctoral Study

For information on admission to doctoral study please visit the websites of the Student Services of the University of Zurich or of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Graduate School