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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Registration for Graduation

Here you will find the most important information about registering for your Bachelor's or Master's graduation. Details on the «Study Progress & Graduation» app is available on our website.

Registering for graduation

During your studies, you can track your progress at any time in the "Study Progress & Graduation" app. As soon as you meet the passing requirements, you can register for graduation.

Only register for graduation when all coursework, which should appear on the final records, has been evaluated. Relevant for registering for graduation is the semester reference:

  • Graduation in Spring Semester: from 16 March to 15 October
  • Graduation in Fall Semester: from 16 October to 15 March

For Spring Semester we will issue the final records dated 30 April and 31 July:

  • Registration for graduation from 16 March to 31 July: dated 30 April
  • Registration for graduation from 1 August to 15 October: dated 31 July

For Fall Semester we will issue the final records dated 30 November and 31 January:

  • Registration for graduation from 16 October to 31 January: dated 30 November
  • Registration for graduation from 1 February to 15 March: dated 31 January

Immediately after registering online, you will receive an automatic confirmation to your UZH e-mail address. The Office of Student Affairs will review your graduation suggestion and will correct it if necessary.

Important information

Requirements to register for graduation

  • In your final semester, make sure to enrol in that your educational goal (major and minor study programs) is entered correctly. The legal basis for this is the admission regulations.

Enrollment and withdrawal from university

  • It is compulsory to be matriculated in the final semester. You must be enrolled in the programs in which you plan to graduate.
  • All correspondence will take place via your personal UZH e-mail address. 
  • Make sure that you are matriculated under your correct name and postal address. You can change your personal details any time via the online services up to but not later than the last day of your semester of graduation. Your name can no longer be changed on your final records once they have been sent.
  • Registering for graduation does not mean you have withdrawn from the university. You must do this separately via the student portal.

University-external Minor Study Program (Outgoing Mobility)

If you do a major study program at UZH and a minor study program at another university, the other university must confirm completion of the minor study program with an overall grade (and if applicable an academic record or transcript of records) for the credit to be transferred to the UZH degree. As soon as the minor study program is accredited, you can register for graduation in the «Study Progress & Graduation» app. Please ask the other university to send the mentioned documents by postal mail to the Office of Student Affairs. Additional information is available under MobilityMobility.

Dispatch of final records

We will send the final records no later than twelve weeks after registration for graduation. That is no earlier than 30 November or 31 January for the Fall Semester and 30 April or 31 July for the Spring Semester.

Before sending the documents, we will inform you by e-mail that the final records will be sent to you by postal mail. We do not issue prior confirmations of graduation. For further information if you are transferring to another university, please visit the following website.

Returned graduation documents can be picked up in person at Student Services two weeks after the mailing date. Bring an official form of identification (identity card, passport). An authorized person can pick up your final records for you by presenting a power of attorney with original signature and official identification. Returned final records cannot be forwarded.

Transferring to the Master’s Program

If you plan to transfer to the Master’s program, please apply to change the degree program in the course of the next enrollment via the student portal during the specified periods.

Master's graduation ceremony

Dates of the next Master’s graduation ceremonies:

  • Spring Semester 2024: Friday, 8 November 2024
  • Fall Semester 2024: Friday, 11 April 2025
  • Spring Semester 2025: Friday,  7 November 2025
  • Fall Semester 2025: Friday, 17 April 2026

Responsible offices

The Degree Services of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are available to help you with questions about the graduation process.

Student Services will take your general questions about your studies. 

Please contact the Student Administration Office if you have questions on enrollment.