Ausgeschriebene Professuren / Open Faculty Positions

Assistant Professorship in Digital Visual Studies

The University of Zurich invites applications for an assistant professorship in digital visual studies.

The goal of the professorship is to advance visual research in the digital humanities. The professorship is part of the Max-Planck-funded cooperation project Digital Visual Studies hosted by the University of Zurich and supported by the Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max Planck Institute for Art History. It participates in the academic programming of the Digital Visual Studies project, co-supervises its doctoral students and interacts with its postdocs and visiting faculty. The professorship also collaborates with the Swiss Art Research Infrastructure and the interdisciplinary Digital Society Initiative of the University of Zurich. The position of assistant professor involves research at the highest international level and training students at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels in a variety of disciplines.

The non-tenure-track position is for a six-year period pending review after the first three years and will be filled at the earliest opportunity. Candidates must hold a PhD degree at the time of application and have an excellent record of academic achievements in a field related to the digital humanities. They are expected to have great experience in the theoretical reflection on the digital humanities and the practical application and development of new digital technologies. Teaching will be in English. The University of Zurich offers excellent working conditions. The position is also embedded in a particularly innovative, dynamic, interdisciplinary and international context that gives access to a variety of attractive research funding opportunities on the local, national and international level. The University of Zurich is an equal opportunities employer and strives to increase the percentage of women in leading positions. Therefore, qualified female researchers are explicitly encouraged to apply.

The closing date for applications is 15 July 2020. For further information please contact Prof. Tristan Weddigen (

Online Application

Date of Publication: 10 June 2020
Application Deadline: 15 July 2020

Laufende Berufungsverfahren

Professur für die Geschichte des Anthropozäns / Professorship in the History of the Anthropocene

Ausschreibung: 4. März 2020 / Date of Publication: 4 March 2020
Bewerbungsfrist: 15. April 2020 / Application Deadline: 15 April 2020

Professur für Educational Technology / Professorship in Educational Technology

Ausschreibung: 29. Januar 2020 / Date of Publication: 29 January 2020
Bewerbungsfrist: 10. März 2020 / Application Deadline: 10 March 2020

Professorship ad personam in Popular Literature and Media with focus on Children’s and Youth Media for PD Dr. Christine Lötscher / Professur ad personam für Populäre Literaturen und Medien mit dem Schwerpunkt Kinder- und Jugendmedien für PD Dr. Christine Lötscher

Probevortrag: 19. Juni 2020 / Job Talk: 19 June 2020

Professorship in Film Studies / Professur für Filmwissenschaft

Ausschreibung: 27. November 2019 / Date of Publication: 27 November 2019
Bewerbungsfrist: 15. Januar 2020 / Application Deadline: 15 January 2020

Professorship in Vocational Education and Training and Further Education / Professur für Berufs- und Weiterbildung

Ausschreibung: 4. September 2019 / Date of Publication: 4 September 2019
Bewerbungsfrist: 16. Oktober 2019 / Application Deadline: 16 October 2019
Probevorträge: 9. und 10. März 2020 / Job Talks: 9 and 10 March 2020

Assistant Professorship with Tenure Track in Communication Studies specialized in Strategic Communication and Media Management / Assistenzprofessur für Kommunikationswissenschaft mit Schwerpunkt Strategische Kommunikation und Medienmanagement

Ausschreibung: 21. August 2019 / Date of Publication: 21 August 2019
Bewerbungsfrist: 2. Oktober 2019 / Application Deadline: 2 October 2019
Probevorträge: 2. und 3. März 2020 / Job Talks: 2 and 3 March 2020

Professorship in Individual Differences and Assessment / Professur für Differenzielle Psychologie und Diagnostik

Ausschreibung: 6. August 2019 / Date of Publication: 6 August 2019
Bewerbungsfrist: 25. September 2019 / Application Deadline: 25 September 2019
Probevorträge: 20. und 21. Februar 2020 / Job Talks: 20 and 21 February 2020

Professorship in Popular Culture Studies / European Ethnology /
Professur für Populäre Kulturen / Empirische Kulturwissenschaft

Ausschreibung: 5. Juni 2019 / Date of Publication: 5 June 2019
Bewerbungsfrist: 17. Juli 2019 / Application Deadline: 17 July 2019
Probevorträge: 28. und 19. Oktober 2019 / Job Talks: 28 and 29 October 2019

Assistenzprofessur für Digitalisierte Kommunikationsräume / Assistant Professorship in Communicating Digitalized Spaces

Ausschreibung: 22. Mai 2019 / Date of Publication: 22 May 2019
Bewerbungsfrist: 26. Juni 2019 / Application Deadline: 26 June 2019
Probevorträge: 18. November 2019 / Job Talks: 18 November 2019