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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


PhD Coordinators

The coordinators are the first point of contact for PhD students, serving as the interface between the Graduate School, PhD students, and supervisors. The supervisory committee is responsible for subject-matter support for candidates.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a consultation, please send an email the coordinator responsible for your PhD subject.

PhD Subject PhD Coordinator Contact
History and Philosophy Dr. Stefan Riegelnik, Phonebook
Classics, Asian and Oriental Studies, Gender Studies Dr. Milena Guthörl, Phonebook
Film Studies, Art History, Musicology, Cultural Analysis Dr. Miriam Volmert, +41 44 634 28 46
Literary Studies Dr. Christoph Steier, +41 44 634 25 32
Linguistics, Computational Linguistics and Phonetics Dr. Sascha Völlmin, Phonebook
Psychology Dr. Maike Krannich, Phonebook
Education and Teaching Dr. Seyhan Bayraktar, Phonebook
Social Sciences (Communication and Media Research, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology) Dr. Doreen Spörer-Wagner, Phonebook

Coordination Office

The office’s main role is coordinating administrative processes within the Graduate School. It draws up and reviews quality assurance measures, and provides the Graduate School Vice Dean of Studies with input as a basis for making decisions. Together with the coordinators, the office is the point of contact for PhD students, supervisors, institutes, and departments. 

The best way to contact us is via email: .
Our office counter is open Tuesdays, 1-3 pm (SOC F 102).

Person Role Contact
Dr. Sandra Schneeberger Office Manager Telefonbuch
Regula Sprecher Doctoral affairs Telefonbuch

Vice Dean of Studies

The Graduate School Vice Dean of Studies heads the Graduate School. She is also the confidant and person to contact in the event of conflict at the doctoral level. 

Please submit any applications and general inquiries to the Vice Dean of Studies  via email: .

Person Role Contact  
Prof. Dr. Fabienne Liptay Graduate School Vice Dean of Studies  

Academic Integrity Officer for PhD students

In case of conflicts or problems with supervisors, you can contact the Graduate School Vice Dean of Studies.

Prof. Dr. Fabienne Liptay
Universität Zürich
Philosophische Fakultät
Rämistrasse 69
8001 Zürich

A first point of contact may also be your PhD coordinator.

Executive Committee

The Graduate School Executive Committee is a permanent Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It comprises the Graduate School Vice Dean of Studies, who by virtue of her office chairs the committee, and eight additional members who are full and associate professors, who represent the PhD subjects in the various groups of subjects. In addition to this is one representative of each of the bodies.

The current composition of the committee can be found here (German only).

Subject Boards

Each subject board comprises between two and six subject representatives who are professors, plus at least one representative of the PhD students (the number of members representing PhD students must not be more than one-third of the number of professors on a particular subject board). 
Each subject board guides and advises the coordinators from a subject matter point of view; it supports coordinators with the development of subject-matter-related, cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary events courses and events, and informs the organization unit it represents on subject-matter topics and all other matters dealt with by the Subject Board.

Members of the Subject Boards (Term of Office 1 February 2023–31 January 2025)

Subject Board History and Philosophy

  • Prof. Dr. Gesine Krüger
  • Prof. Dr. Francisca Loetz

  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Johann Glock

  • Prof. Dr.  Anne Meylan

  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden: Andrina Schulz (MA)

  • Zuständiger Doktoratskoordinator: Dr. Stefan Riegelnik

Subject Board Classics, Asian and Oriental Studies, Gender Studies

  • Prof. Dr. Carmen Cardelle
  • Prof. Dr. Philippe Della Casa
  • Prof. Dr. Nicolas Martin
  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden:  Sina Ritt (MA)
  • Zuständige Doktoratskoordinatorin: Dr. Milena Guthörl

Subject Board Film Studies, Art History, Musicology, Cultural Analysis

  • Prof. Dr. Inga Mai Groote
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Wiegand
  • Prof. Dr. Bettina Gockel
  • Prof. Dr. Raphaèle Preisinger
  • Prof. Dr. Svenja Goltermann
  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden: Viviane Nora Brodmann (MA)
  • Zuständige Doktoratskoordinatorin: Dr. Miriam Volmert

Subject Board Literary Studies

  • Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Müller-Wille
  • Prof. Dr. Mireille Schnyder
  • Prof. Dr. Richard Trachsler
  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden: Claudia Tassone (MA)
  • Zuständiger Doktoratskoordinator: Dr. Christoph Steier

Subject Board Linguistics, Computational Linguistics and Phonetics

  • Prof. Dr. Francesco Gardani
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo
  • Prof. Dr. Simone Pfenninger
  • Prof. Dr. Guido Seiler
  • Prof. Dr. Paul Widmer
  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden: Yoselin Henriques (MA)
  • Zuständiger Doktoratskoordinator: Dr. Sascha Völlmin

Subject Board Psychology

  • Prof. Dr. Alexandra M. Freund
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Gross
  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Kleim
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Oberauer
  • Prof. Dr. Carolin Strobl
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Ullrich
  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden: Selina Landolt (MSc), Nathalie von Rooy (MSc)
  • Zuständige Doktoratskoordinatorin: Dr. Maike Krannich

Subject Board Education and Teaching

  • Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert
  • Prof. Dr. Franziska Felder
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Daniel Keller
  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden: Johanna Egli (MA)
  • Zuständige Doktoratskoordinatorin: Dr. Seyhan Bayraktar

Subject Board Social Sciences

  • Prof. Dr. Daniele Caramani
  • Prof. Dr. Annuska Derks
  • Prof. Dr. Moritz Ege
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Eisenegger
  • Prof. Dr. Katja Rost
  • Prof. Dr. Marco Steenberger
  • Vertretung der Doktorierenden:  Larissa Fritsch (MA), Pamina Syed Ali (MSc)
  • Zuständige Doktoratskoordinatorin: Dr. Doreen Spörer-Wagner

Graduate School

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Graduate School is the organizational and administrative umbrella for all PhD subjects offered by the University of Zurich Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 

The Graduate School is there to promote junior scholars and support and advise PhD candidates and the faculty throughout a doctoral degree. It takes care of quality assurance and assumes the tasks associated with the doctoral degree.

The Graduate School comprises the Vice Dean of Studies responsible, the Executive Committee, the subject boards of the various groups of subjects, and PhD coordinators. The Vice Dean of Studies is supported by a coordination office. 

Reglement über die Organisation der Graduiertenschule der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich (ROGS) (PDF, 90 KB)